4 townhouses’ line – 120 м² (active building)

The company “Belveder city” offer you comfortable, spacious, two-storey house with an area of ​​120 m².
This house, the architecture of which is simple and laconic due to its own forms, is rather big and compact. The interesting and easy form of the building impresses with its freshness and balance of proportions. It is ideal for those who appreciate the smart location of the rooms on the floors, so the house is fully functional and suits all the needs of the modern family.
On the ground floor there is an open kitchen-living room, corridor and vestibule. On the second floor there are spacious bedroom, nurseries, a study room, a balcony, loggia and corridor. Bathrooms are located on each of the floors.
This house suits perfectly for the average family, who want to have a personal space and love to spend time at home. Moreover, provision of urban amenities, greening and beach promenade will not leave indifferent any member of the family.

1 floor
2 floor